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Trope Bookstack Sticker

Trope Bookstack Sticker

Trope Bookstack Sticker

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Celebrate your love for sapphic tropes with our vibrant sticker featuring a book stack in the sapphic flag colors of pink and purple. Each book in the stack represents a beloved trope, including ice queen, age gap, fake dating, fated mates, and forbidden love. Add this Sterling Sapphic Reads design to your collection and show off your appreciation for these timeless and captivating sapphic stories! Thick, durable vinyl protects your die cut stickers from scratching, rain & sunlight so you can literally put them anywhere! ❤ Sticker is approximately 3" on the longest side ❤ High Quality, Scratch Resistant and Dishwasher Safe! ❤ 100% Made in the USA ❤ Great for phone cases, water bottles, laptops, bikes, helmets, skateboards, bathroom stalls, etc. Put these stickers on every hard surface: phone cases, water bottles, laptops, bikes, helmets, skateboards, guitar cases, bathroom stalls, lamp posts...wherever. Express yourself!!


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Meet Tacie, a sapphic bookish content creator and designer whose passion for sapphic literature, art, and music knows no bounds. With a heart full of love for all things feminine, Tacie has embarked on a journey to celebrate and uplift sapphic voices in the world of literature and beyond.


In August 2023, Tacie took her first steps into the vibrant world of bookstagram, stepping into the space dedicated to sapphic love stories. Immediately embraced by a supportive community of authors, narrators, and fellow readers, Tacie found herself immersed in a world of passion and creativity. Inspired by the outpouring of love and support, she decided to channel her creativity into something tangible: designing products that celebrate sapphic romance.


Driven by her desire to fill a gap in the bookish community, Tacie creates designs and products aimed at celebrating sapphic love stories. From t-shirts adorned with sapphic quotes to bookmarks featuring vibrant sapphic art, each creation is a testament to her dedication to representation and inclusivity.


But Tacie 's passion doesn't stop there. She is committed to lifting up own voices in the queer community, focusing specifically on the sapphic space. Through her work, she strives to amplify the voices of sapphic authors, artists, and musicians, ensuring that their stories are heard and celebrated.


With boundless creativity and unwavering dedication, Tacie continues to spread love and positivity in the sapphic community, one design at a time.


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