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Automatic Free Shipping on All US Orders $50+!


Shipping & Returns

US Domestic Shipping

As much as we would like to always offer free shipping, it’s expensive to package and ship one-item orders. It simply isn’t possible for us to run a small business and charge no shipping at all ever… That being said, we think we have found the sweet spot and are offering free shipping on orders that total $50.00+ in merchandise. We do also charge minimal shipping on orders under $50 and cover the majority of the cost ourselves. We know it sucks to pay shipping and we are trying to keep things as fair as possible!


International Shipping

International shipping is now available! International shipping is automatically calculated based on the services available and the actual cost per weight to ship. If you underpay by $5.00 or less (depending on the size of the order) we will cover any differences for shipping. 



HOPEFULLY you will be so happy and in love with what you purchase that you will never want to return a thing we send… however, if something is damaged in shipping or if a product isn’t satisfactory, let us know. Contact us and we will see what we can do to come up with the best solution! We do ask that you contact us within a week of receiving your order, this way we can make you happy quickly. Our general rule is that we will exchange items if there is a problem, however we will offer refunds and approach every situation on a case by case basis.

If you need to make a return after contacting us, please save the package your order came in and repackage it as long as it isn’t damaged or retrieve a box/envelope from the post office. We will definitely discuss what the options are! You will have to mail your purchase back depending on the circumstance and once we receive it we will send your replacement items.


In the case that a refund is needed, you will receive a refund 5-7 business days after the item has been shipped back or returned to the store.


Unfortunately, we cannot return underwear or swimwear. It isn’t sanitary and isn’t something we are equipped to deal with as a very small business. If you buy underwear and there is a problem with the product itself, please let us know immediately. We are proud of the quality of the underwear that we carry, but that doesn’t mean there are never faulty seams or products.