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Demigirl Pride Flag

Demigirl Pride Flag

Demigirl Pride Flag

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A demigirl (sometimes known as a demiwoman, demilady, or a demifemale person) is a person who identifies with aspects of femininity—regardless of their sex assigned at birth.

The demigirl flag was designed by Tumblr user Transrants in July 2015, and like the demiboy flag, there are no confirmed color meanings, but there are some common assumptions.

The demigirl pride flag is meant to represent gender neutrality, which is a massive factor in the experience of being a demigirl. It is intended to signify the feeling of questioning and shifting of gender.

The demigirl flag has three colors. Here’s what they are thought to mean:

Pink represents womanhood or femininity.
White represents non-binary or agender identities.
Grey represents the grey areas and partial connections and the possibility of more genders rather than the two on the binary spectrum.

this flag is approximately 3' x 5'

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