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Butch Lesbian (Labrys) Pride Flag

Butch Lesbian (Labrys) Pride Flag

Butch Lesbian (Labrys) Pride Flag

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The labrys lesbian flag was designed in 1999 by graphic designer Sean Campbell, a cisgender gay man, and distributed in June 2000 in the Palm Springs edition of the Gay and Lesbian Times Pride issue.

The design includes a labrys, a double-headed ax, placed over an inverted black triangle, set against a violet background. Among its many meanings, the labrys was the weapon of choice for the Amazons of Greek mythology, a group of female warriors and hunters whose society was closed to men. It has been a symbol of empowerment used by lesbian feminists since the 1970s.

The inverted black triangle was the symbol worn by women considered asocial by the Third Reich (including homosexual females). They were condemned to concentration camps, similar to the pink triangle assigned to gay men. As gay men have reclaimed their symbol, many lesbians have also reclaimed this.

The symbol on the labrys lesbian flag has set on the color violet, which has been associated with lesbians via the poetry of Sappho.

This flag is approximately 3' x 5'

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