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Aromantic Pride Flag

Aromantic Pride Flag

Aromantic Pride Flag

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Aromantics have no interest in or desire for romantic relationships and have been represented by three flags in the past few years. The first one had four stripes with orange, green, black, and yellow. On this flag, green is the opposite of romance, yellow is for friendship, orange is for aromantics, and black is for alloromantics who don’t subscribe to the traditional boundaries of romance.

It isn’t known who created this flag or when.

The next aromantic pride flag had five stripes. The colors were black, grey, yellow, light green, and dark green. Like many LGBTQ flags, this one was first created on Tumblr (in 2014 by user Cameron). The third design is the most recent one and is currently the most widely used and accepted version of the aromantic pride flag. Cameron also designed this flag on November 16th, 2014.

The aromantic flag has four colors. Here’s what they all mean:

Dark green represents aromanticism.
Light green represents the aromantic spectrum.
White represents aesthetic attraction and queer/quasi platonic relationships.
Grey represents demiromantic and grey-aromantic people.
Black represents the sexuality spectrum.

This flag is approximately 3' x 5'

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